At Leila & Geoffrey we support artists, charities and creative businesses and love to champion social enterprises that really make an impact. 

Like Inspiring the Future, a London-based charity that exists to help children aspire to be whatever they want – regardless of who they are and where they come from.

Young people strive to be what they see around them in their everyday life but it’s difficult to aspire to a future that you never see and don’t know exists. Inspiring the Future changes this. The charity believes that every young person can be whatever they want to be – wherever they live, whatever their parents do, whichever school they attend and however they identify themselves. 

They show young people exciting futures and give them the opportunity to meet face-to-face a wide range of role models that do interesting, exciting jobs – with the aim of inspiring and motivating them. The charity helps young people to understand that by aiming high, working hard and making an effort in school or college they can realise their dreams.

For their latest campaign, No More Female Professionals, they aim to create a future that is free of gender bias and full of equal opportunities. 

It’s a thought-provoking, authentic and empowering video that asks whether the language we all use when speaking about jobs is contributing to the problem of unconscious gender bias, which limits the opportunities that children perceive they have.

The campaign asks us to drop the ‘female’ prefix that is often used for traditionally male-dominated roles such as builders, soldiers, surgeons and CEOs. It challenges society to consider why we unnecessarily add a gender label to a female professional. After all, shouldn’t people be judged on their manner, skill and output?

The No More Female Professionals campaign is also an invitation for working people to sign up to and volunteer in state schools to talk to young people about their careers, what inspired them to follow their own path and what educational or learning route helped them to get to where they are. 

No More Female Professionals moves the conversation on from Inspiring the Future’s 2016 campaign called #RedrawTheBalance, an experiment that explored how gender stereotypes form in minds as young as the early years of primary school and that this is a global issue. Both videos were devised by creative agency MullenLowe London, part of the MullenLowe Group.

Watch Redraw the Balance

Landmark research by Education and Employers and their report, Drawing the Future, found that from as young as 6 years old, children start to form stereotypes about career aspirations. The campaign successfully shone a light on how gender stereotyping takes hold at a young age and the language we use in the workplace still paves the way for unconscious bias, which in turn can affect the dreams and aspirations of future generations. 

Inspiring the Future are here to correct that. Their latest No More Female Professionals campaign asks us to un-stereotype our language; because a female CEO is a CEO and a female soldier is a soldier.  By exposing children to a broad range of jobs and introducing them to real people doing them, it demonstrates to future generations that gender or socio-economics should not determine what they aspire to be.

You can help create this future by volunteering for one hour a year to talk to young people about your job and help create a future that is free of gender bias and full of equal opportunities. Same opportunities, same titles.

We wish Inspiring the Future all the very best with their campaign.





Nicola Greenbrook

Nicola Greenbrook

Nicola is a freelance music, fashion and lifestyle writer based in East London and has her own website, Material Whirl.