At Leila & Geoffrey we support a range of artists, charities and creative businesses. We especially like to advocate social enterprises that make an impact.

Are you an emerging artist working hard to develop your talent and get your professional career off the ground? Maybe you’re an established musician experiencing a life crisis that impacts not just your career but your family too? Or, are you a retired musician in need of an extra hand planning for the future?

Whatever your genre, age or the stage reached in your career, Help Musicians UK [HMUK], the leading independent charity for musicians, is there to support you on your journey from just starting out through to retirement.

Offering practical and positive support, HMUK is there during the bad times when a crisis hits and the good; providing extra support to artists at a stage that could make or break their career. The charity’s mission is to provide help, support and opportunities to empower musicians at all stages and it is driven to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Every year HMUK helps more than 2,500 musicians from music teachers and violinists to singers. The broad scope of their work includes helping full-time bands navigate their way through the difficult and financially-challenging early days.

The charity uses its Talent Programme to expand gifted musicians into Europe or provide financial support towards study, preparing an artist for a career in their chosen field. HMUK also recognises that accident, serious illness or bereavement can have a devastating effect not just on a musician’s work but also those close to them and so provides a number of different support services.

In June 2017, HMUK partnered with Women in Music, the global non-profit organisation founded to support and empower women in the music industry, to create the first European chapters of the organisation – Women in Music Great Britain and Women in Music Northern Ireland. This will further establish HMUK’s commitment to promoting gender equality in the UK music industry.

The charity provides a huge range of valuable services, including:

Music Minds Matter. A mental health support line and service for the whole UK music community, offering free emotional support, advice and access to clinical pathways and professional therapeutic services. Access on 0808 802 8008 or
Help in a crisis for working and retired musicians, including financial support, home visits and a free health assessment with the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) via its partnership with HMUK.
Information and support about hearing, mental and vocal health including the Musicians Hearing Health Scheme for all musicians in the UK, in partnership with Musicians Hearing Services and the Musicians’ Union. This gives all musicians affordable access to specialist hearing assessments and bespoke hearing protection.
A range of career-changing grants including the Transmission Fund, the Fusion Fund, the MOBO Help Musicians Fund and the Peter Whittingham Jazz Award for emerging jazz musicians and bands.

HMUK’s vision is a world where music thrives. Here at Leila & Geoffrey, as music lovers and with clients that include independent record labels and artists, we fully support that vision.

Music is a gift and, arguably, the most powerful form of entertainment in the world. Yet, being a musician is a uniquely demanding career. HMUK depends on donations to fund its work and the growing demands of those it helps, and relies on the generosity of existing supporters, as well as new ones.

If you love music and want to give something back to Help Musicians UK, you can donate, become a regular circle of supporters, fundraise or leave a Gift in Memory.

You never know, you might just be helping your future favourite band…






Nicola Greenbrook

Nicola Greenbrook

Nicola is a freelance music, fashion and lifestyle writer based in East London and has her own website, Material Whirl.