A PR company for artists, charities, and creative businesses

Leila & Geoffrey is headed up by Amy Walshe. She is creative, enthusiastic and energetic, and loves to promote talented people and great causes.

Amy chose the name of her business to honour her grandparents, Leila and Geoffrey. Their two personality traits embody her brand: down-to-earth, adventurous, and feisty like her grandmother; analytical, trustworthy, and practical like her grandfather. Amy wants to concentrate on providing quality exposure for clients that she believes in.

‘If I don’t believe in it, I can’t sell it to someone else’

Amy has a 100% success rate on every project.


I only take on projects that I believe in.


I’m a little bit bossy in a really nice way.

Like a spaniel, but with big teeth.


With me, you’ll get accountability.



People come to me because they need to be pushed.

Amy has the rare sensitivity to grab the essentials of an artistic statement, and the ability to translate that into detailing words. As an artist, it’s greatly reassuring to know I can rely on her precious work.
Marco Piccioni


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